Nokia E75 and Sipgate VoIP

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I recently bought a Nokia E75. My old phone was, well.. old and I want to have one with wifi. The E75 is not the bleeding edge of mobilephone technology, but I didn’t want to pay twice as much for just having a touchscreen (and maybe Android).

One reason I bought this phone is, that I want to have VoIP whenever I have wifi access. That is of course at home and at uni (where I probably be more of the time). VoIP is great, because you can call from your home number and get calls on the landline which is cheaper in general. And as a student, cheaper is always better ;) For the same reason, I created an account at Sipgate (de-DE) while I studied abroad two years ago.

So, to get Sipgate working with my E75, I followed the instructions from this great article (de-AT), which worked fine to create the VoIP-profile. The problem was, that the menu item to activate my profile was missing. This is actually a problem for a couple of Nokia phones, but Nokia provides an additional application to fix this, which is called SIP VoIP Settings. Simply download (unfortunately you need to register) and install it. Than you’ll get the settings dialog to activate your sip account.

I can’t think of a good reason why this functionality isn’t integrated into the original firmware, even if you can create SIP profiles but can’t activate them. This is kinda weird but fortunately there’s a fix.


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