Internship at IBM Deutschland

It has been quiet a long time since my last posting, but now I'm back from my internship at IBM Deutschland and motivated to post a bit more often ;). I was working there for six months and I really enjoyed it. My task was to extend the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) and to make it ready for the Cell BE Architecture/Playstation3. It was a challenging project, because the Cell BE Processor has - compared with x86 processors - a totally different architecture. The Cell combines eight cores: 1 general purpose and 7 coprocessing which provides lots of performance. So, the task was to bring this multicore performance into SDL and a new videodriver.

I hope, the patch will be released in the next weeks/months. Unfortunately my internship is over and so I don't know the release date. But after the release I will put my internship report (in german) and some kind of documentation into the work section of this site.