Mac OS X: Quick Look with Syntax Highlighting

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My rss-reader showed me a nice tip from MacOSXHints today: How to use Quick Look on stacks. Nothing special, but I tried it myself on the Downloads-stack and well… it worked as described. Since I have a some sourcecode-files in this folder and a quick look at these in its not so beautiful black-on-white design, I wondered if it is possible to enable syntax highlighting.

Few minutes later my favourite search engine showed me the link to this nice project: qlcolorcode. It’s very easy to install (just copy it to ~/Library/QuickLook) and it recognizes a lot of filetypes with the according colors for the statements.

Honestly I thought Quick Look is a closed environment (at least for the non-paying community) but there seems to be an API and even a plugin repository (and another one).