Project: Rehearsal Booking System

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In January this year we launched the website of Elzwavestudios (an recording studio with rehearsal rooms). With almost 80.000 hits so far we can say that it is and hopfefully will be a successful project.

But a business changes and a business usually grows as well. And that is the case with Elzwavestudios: To ease the booking and managing process of the rehearsal rooms, Benny (founder of Elzwavestudios) asked me to build a system for exactly that purpose. A user should be able to create an account, select dates on a calendar when he/she likes to rent the room and automatically get the access code for the room.

The whole idea came up about one month ago, so we made the concept in the following two weeks and I started coding about 2 weeks ago. It was an ambitious plan but it worked out, so this is the new Rehearsal Booking System of Elzwavestudios.

I personally never thought that we could build this system in just one month but thanks to the Symfony framework it was a really straightforward process. You can focus on the things that matter and don’t have to deal with stuff like a database abstration layer, user authentication or a translation engine. You just use it and all components are so beautifully connected with each other.. coding is fun again ;)

So the next posts will probably be about some features of Symfony 2, but I’d also like to take a look into some other popular frameworks like Yii for example.

It was a busy last month (I had exams as well) but thanks to Benny, it was also fun and very productive. Hope to see your business grow further, mate!