UnFUCK 2010

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After two years, we finally were motivated enough to do another (to be correct: the second) Unix Friends and User Group Campus Kamp and it was very much a success.

We started organizing in November last year where we had the problem of finding the best date for the Camp. After a long discussion we arranged to get the Aula (auditorium) from the 15. to 17. January which was two weeks before the exam period starts but the best we could get. So we planned the event roughly and started our “marketing campaign” – writing to LUGs, sponsors etc. – in December. After a more or less relaxing Christmas time the hard work began in January with ordering Club Mate and t-shirts, setting up a timeline, plan the network and other stuff.

The weekend itself was just great. We had talks like Fiddling with the ARM Cortex M3, Virtualisation, Privacy or XSS Attacks. The full timeline is available in our wiki . We reached a peak of about 50 visitors on Saturday evening where we also did some fun stuff like Hacker Jeopardy and PowerPoint-Karaoke which was really really funny. In the next few weeks we will also upload the slides and pictures/videos of the talks.

I hope, everyone enjoyed UnFUCK 2010. Hope to see you next year!