Switched back to Textpattern

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As you have already noticed, the design has changed and with that the backend too. About one year ago, I switched from textpattern to wordpress because of plugins and usability. But unfortunately, wordpress needs to many resources on my small 64MB virtual server and was really slow (the backend even more than the frontend). So, from time to time the server went out of memory. A webserver restart “solved the problem” but it’s only a workaround. Now, I get back to textpattern. Textpattern is a lot faster but you have to tweak a lot more by yourself than with wordpress. Another issue was my Australia-blog: It was very difficult to set up a second article page with wordpress (there might be a hack), because wordpress is designed for one blog, it’s not a CMS (please correct me, if I’m wrong). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.